Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dember update

I have been busy creating new works and have lots of new paintings this year. Here in Portland Oregon, I will be involved in the Big 100 show at the Goodfoot, located at 2845 SE Stark Street. This show will feature myself and almost 130 of some of Portland's best artists, with 15 paintings each(the total combined number of works being somewhere near 2000) All works are 50 bucks each and are available on a first come first come, first serve basis. The show opens on Thursday, Dec. 2nd from 2pm-2am, and continues through Dec. 3rd and 4th with the same hours.

If you don't live in Portland and would like to purchase one of my paintings, fear not! This year I have loaded up my online shop with a ton of new paintings in a wide price range ($25-$500) and including both abstract works and creature-based paintings.

I hope this winter season finds you well and happy, thank you for your continued support!